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About Cheshire Craft Courses

Your tutor

Cheshire Craft Courses is run by award-winning furniture designer-maker, David Tragen. He started as a self-taught furniture restorer and maker whilst teaching English in Barcelona in the 1990's. He studied Art and Design and took courses in marquetry and wood carving over a 6 year period as well as producing commissions for bars, restaurants and private clients in the North of Spain.

He returned to the UK in 2002 to get high level training with both David Savage and Silver Lining Workshops. Since 2005 he has combined making his own furniture designs and sculptures with teaching woodwork.

He spent four years as a part time woodwork tutor at Start in Salford and has continued to train students in his own workshop since 2014.

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The workshop

David's dream was to be able to work in a rural setting so that both he and his students could be inspired by such a tranquil environment. In 2014, he converted a disused barn into a workshop with two seperate spaces for machining and hand work.

The benchshop is currently equipped with three benches and sets of tools and a large set up table which provide students with plenty of room to spread out. 

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