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Courses overview

The group courses range from a half day to two days and are mostly project-based so that you will come away with a finished piece at the end. You can also work one one to one with a bespoke course. The sessions are organised on an ad hoc basis, with a minimum of two students, so get in touch  by email or call David on 07969 115946 and let us know the dates you are available and we will coordinate the rest.


Pendant making course

Finished shelf for website.jpg

Floating shelf course


Tool sharpening and maintenance course

Level - Taster

This half day course introduces you to some woodworking basics whilst making your own wooden pendant.


Level - Beginner

A full day course for beginners as your first building block to creating professional standard furniture.


Level- Beginner

This is a skills-based one day course to teach you how to get the best out of your hand tools. Bring your own chisels and handplane or use those provided.


Clock .jpg

Clock making course

P & D finished frames medium.jpg

Frame making course

Geoff Bespoke.jpg

Bespoke course

Level - Intermediate

This course, which spans a full day and an evening, is all about precision as you create this angled cross halving joint.


Level - Intermediate

Some experience is required as a lot of ground is covered in the two days to make this hand mitred mirror or picture frame.


Level - Beginner upwards

This is an opportunity to work one to one with David and tailor a course to your needs.

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