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Pendant making course


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This half-day course is designed as a taster to woodwork and touches on a host of skills whilst creating your own personalised pendant. There is a selection of five different timbers to choose from as well as a large variety of semi-precious beads you can use for your tailored design.  It even comes with a box so you can turn it as a present for a loved one.

Working in a spacious rural studio with a total of 3 students and with tea, coffee and biscuits all included, what more could you ask for?

So what skills will you be learning? All under the watchful eye of an award winning furniture designer-maker, you’ll be marking out, cutting to length with a Japanese handsaw and using a pillar drill and router to create the central void. The finishing stages include hand planing  and sanding to smooth off the surfaces and create the curved corners. Finally, once a finish has been applied, the final polishing takes place to bring the piece to life.

It’s priced at £80 which includes all materials. The sessions are organised on an ad hoc basis, with a minimum of two students, so get in touch by email or call David on 07969 115946 and let us know the dates you are available and we will coordinate the rest. Once you’re bitten by the woodwork bug (not to be confused with the beetles responsible for woodworm) perhaps you’ll want to sign up to some of our other courses!

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